What is IP ?

Intellectual property, more commonly abbreviated to IP, are the rights a person has over intellectual goods. The law surrounding intellectual property is different to that regarding physical property as IP is indivisible and cannot be fully depleted, for example thought it is prone to someone making…

What is networking?

Within the games development industry networking can be defined simply as the group of contacts you can build up through those that you have worked successfully with in the past, met at conventions or meetings and those that you have completed work for or have a history…

Is freelancing for me?

Freelancing within any industry is always going to be a hit or miss situation even for those with multiple years’ experience in the industry. …

What is professionalism?

It would be hard to argue that professionalism is not one of the core objectives that everyone within the industry strives for and expects in return, but what exactly is professionalism?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, professionalism can be defined as;

the conduct, aims, or qualities that…

Why is a portfolio important?

Within creative industries such as the video game industry, a portfolio is the most important piece of information that a potential employer can survey to assess whether an individual would be the right candidate for them. This is because every candidate’s portfolio should give an…

Aidan Keen

Games Development Student

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